1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mission Fun

 Deep Fried Twinkies Anyone???
I think Elder Parkinson is having too much fun with his Fry Daddy.

Austin, Jordan's younger brother, picked out this 4th of July headband to send.  He will look so festive celebrating the 4th this year in Van Nuys :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pizza Delivery

On Saturday, I decided to have a pizza delivered to Elder Parkinson's apartment.  I talked to the man on the phone at Dominos, right by Jordan's apartment, and told him that it was a surprise and I would be paying for all of it.  It was scheduled to be delivered at 10pm (to make sure he would be home) and luckily the man took my phone number.  He was a cute man who had a little trouble with english and also a little trouble delivering the pizza.  He called me about 10:10pm and told me that he had found the apartment, but the people there told him that they didn't order any pizza.  I laughed because I just imagined Jordan and his companion standing at the door all confused.  After talking to the delivery guy for about 5 more minutes and explaining AGAIN that it was a surprise, he tried again and it was a success, phew!!!  I love having a missionary in the states where I am able to do fun stuff like this :) 

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, we just got done playing sports.  Elder Thacker and I played some basketball and threw the football around while everyone else played soccer.  That is way cool about the lot and I hope that you get it because then dad would be way happy.  I hope that Powell is fun this year and the pizza delivery was funny.  I was so confused and very surprised, but I loved it though.  Oh, and thank you for ordering those CD's for me.  That little white hat that I'm wearing in the picture I sent, we just found it in our apartment and I just put it on so that is the story behind that.  Um, tell Austin that football brave quarters suck but are worth it.  Um, that would be weird if I came back to a new house, haha.  I am doing great and we have a baptismal date planned for this Sunday.

Mom:  I am so glad to hear that you are doing well.  I didn't realize that the pizza thing would be so confusing.  I think it is because the delivery guy didn't speak a lot of English and so he didn't really know what I was asking him to do.  He didn't make you pay anything did he?  How was your week?

Elder Parkinson:  No, he knew that it was paid for and we are doing great.  Just working hard.  The pizza thing was actually good spanish practice for me, haha.  I am doing so well and am excited for our baptism this Sunday.  It is for Solidad and it is a legit one and we have a lot of good looking investigators that we should have some more dates coming up.  I can't believe that President Martin goes home this Friday.

Mom:  Everything sounds awesome!  Do you get to see President Martin before he leaves?  Do you see a lot of Elder Thacker?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, yeah we will see him tomorrow and yes I still see Thacker all the time.  Oh, there is this girl down at Dixie that I want to hook Thacker up with so if you could get on my Facebook and ask her for her address that would be great.  Her name is _______.  Just send her address in the next letter that you send.

Mom:  Haha!!!!  Okay, I will try and get her address.  How was the temple?

Elder Parkinson:  It was so good to get back in the temple and feel the love of God in there.  It was so cool, but the Bountiful temple is still my favorite.  The LA temple is a huge temple though.  I love you so much and we don't have that much more time, but I love you and hope that all is well.  Try to get that address as soon as possible and oh, if you could try to get me the Rio soundtrack that would be great.

Mom:  Okay, like the movie Rio?  I love you more than you will ever know :)  Is there anything else you can think you need?  Did you get your 4th of July package?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, the movie and yes I got the package, haha, thanks.  Still waiting for those popcorn balls though.  Um, I love you so much and I'll wait and see if we can email next week, but if not then the next week.

Mom:  I love you too cutie.  Hugs to you and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

The 4th of July Package

Friday, June 22, 2012

Things Are GRRREAT!!!

 I'm Hoping There Is A Good Story Behind This :)

 The Football Playing Missionary

 So Happy To Have His Fry Daddy.  First Dish.......Fried Chicken!

 Elders Parkinson and Calder at the Los Angeles Temple

Strike a Pose Elder P

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fry Daddy's

Today was a funny email session because for some reason I thought that today was Jordan's 6 month mark.  In the email that I sent him, I was so excited that he was 1/4 way done with his mission.  Apparently I was jumping the gun just a little.  I guess a mom can dream :)

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, I hate to break it to you, but this is my 5 month mark, haha.  Um, that is great that Cooper was doing good in basketball.  I am happy for him.  Yes, I got all of the stuff that you sent, thanks.  So who is going to clean the boat now that I am gone, haha.  I am so happy to be able to email and I hope that all is great back home.  My new companion is a little weird.  We don't get along as well as me and Calder but we are working hard and I love the work.  The investigators are dong great!  Um, what else, I might buy a fry daddy.

Mom:  Oh my gosh, it is only 5 months!!!!  Haha, oh well.  I guess I can always hope :)  So what is a fry daddy?

Elder Parkinson:  You know- one of those things that you fry things in like french fries and scones and that kind of stuff.

Mom:  Oh yes, one of those.  Why do you want one?  So Cooper said that he is going to take over the responsibilities of the boat.  He said that he'll make sure it looks good.  So tell me about your new companion.

Elder Parkinson:  Um, because I want scones and good stuff like that.  My new companion's name is Elder Gomm.  He is from Ft. Worth, Texas.  He likes computer programming and he doesn't talk too much and that is why we don't get along as well as Calder and I did.  What else, he likes to eat food and idk much else.  He is a good guy though.  So tell Cooper that the boat will never look as good as when I did it.

Mom:  Cooper says he'll try to make it look even better :)  So tell me about your week.  Did you play any sports today?  Is there anything you need?

Elder Parkinson:  The week was good.  We knocked a lot and got nothing out of it, but oh well, we will find that person that is ready.  Tell Cooper that he will never be able to make the boat look as good as me, haha.  We might have some good dates coming up,  so that is good.  We played soccer this morning.  I LOVE the football that you sent out.  Um, what more, oh one of the kids in the ward got baptized and he is such a stud.  I love him.

Mom:  I will let Cooper know :)  That is so exciting about the boy in your ward.  I'm glad that things are going well and that you are so happy.  Keep working hard and know that we are thinking of you every single day.  I love you SO very much.

Elder Parkinson:  Well, I am leaving.  I love you and have a great week.  I will talk to you next week.  If you see a bigger purchase on my debit card it is because I bought a fry daddy.  I love you so much.

Another random email came through about 10 minutes after Jordan had said goodbye.  It was mostly in spanish, so I'm not really sure what it says and I'm sure the spelling is not correct either.

But um so yeah estamos ensando mucho y tambiƩn tocando el la puertas

Sunday, June 17, 2012


 These are the new Oakley sunglasses that Elder Parkinson bought with his birthday money.

Jordan finally found a scale and we now know his exact weight.  His football coaches would be proud.

 He loves the people of Van Nuys

 Elder's Parkinson and Thacker, the two peas in a pod.

 One last photo with Elder Calder before he heads to North Hollywood.  Jordan LOVED having him as a trainer.

Elder Parkinson's new companion - Elder Gomm from Texas

Monday, June 11, 2012

GoodBye Elder Calder

Today was Jordan's third transfer.  He gets to stay in Van Nuys again, but his first companion, Elder Calder, was transferred.  He once again sounds wonderful and is loving this work.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, I am staying right here but my companion is going to North Hollywood.  It is like 20 minutes away, so not too bad.  Everything here has been good.  This week was a little bit slower just because my comp was ready to leave.  I am getting a new companion and his name is Elder Gomm.  He is from Texas.  He was in the same zone as me so I already know him and I think that he is a good kid.  The baptism didn't go through this week and yes I got the bread and the football is great and those shirts are perfect.  I hope that all is good back home.  I can't believe that you guys are just barely getting the boat out of storage.  Um, what else, I am doing very well and the new investigators are doing great.  I just need to keep teaching them.  So how is life back home?

Mom:  Things are good here.  I just dropped Cooper off at the U for basketball camp and now I am getting ready to take Austin to the underclassman All Poly camp.  Did you send a sim card last week?  Has your companion already left?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, no I didn't send one.  How many do you have at home because I only have one and I am sending it today.  Elder Calder won't leave until 5:00 today.  Tell Austin good luck with football.  I am doing so good and I love the mission.  Not much news here besides that I am going to have to lead the area for awhile, haha.  Oh, and Thacker is staying, thank goodness!

Mom:  So I need you to take a picture of you and your new companion.  I don't have any sim cards here, but I will buy some extra ones and send them to you.  I will also relay your message to Austin.  Thanks for always being so supportive of them.  I am so happy that you are doing well and loving the mission.  Is there anything you can think of that you need?  Are your contacts and $ okay?

Elder Parkinson:  Yeah, I will take a picture of him for you.  I can't think of anything I need except some popcorn balls :)  Oh, maybe a little more money too.

Mom:  I think some of our emails are getting lost in space.  I am so proud of you!!!  You make me smile thinking about the amazing things you are doing.  What an awesome example you are to all of us.  I just want you to know that we pray for you daily and love you SO much!!!  Oh, and did you wrap Cooper's birthday letter in packing tape on purpose?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, no, I did it just for a joke.  Pues no tengo mucho tiempo que voy a silir en cinco minutos.  Well, I am off.  I love you so much and I hope emailing works a little better next week.  Have a great week and I hope that all goes well.  Love you guys so much.

Mom:  We love you too.  Adios :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Peas In A Pod

He sounds amazing and is so happy.  I have decided that missions are wonderful, even if I do miss that cute boy like crazy!

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, I am great.  I will probably get the package that you sent on Tuesday because the leaders of our zone are the ones that go to the office to pick up packages, so that is that.  Um, with transfers, I think I am going to stay but my comp is going to leave.  That means those popcorn balls better hurry ;)  I am so happy to serve the Lord and love every second.  Our investigators are great and we found 8 new investigators this week.  It was great and I love them so much.  We will have a baptism this Sunday because she finally had the opportunity to come to church.  Um, what else....just working hard.  Elder Thacker and I are like peas in a pod.

Mom:  Yay!!! I am glad to hear that things are going so well for you.  It makes me happy that you have found a good friend to share things with.  Are transfers next week?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, next Monday haha.  I hope that I stay here with Elder Thacker.

Mom:  So any new and interesting stories for us?   How long has Elder Thacker been in Van Nuys?  What have you done already today and what are your plans for the rest of the day?  Will you get to perform the baptism on Sunday?

Elder Parkinson:  He has only been here for one transfer and um, no cool stories this week.  I don't think I will do the baptism, my comp will.  Today we are going to have a BBQ again and it is going to be so good, haha.  This morning we didn't play sports and I am doing great.  I can't believe that I am about done being trained.  So what is new back home.

Mom:  That is exciting that you are almost done being trained.  The main thing happening at home is that school is out.  The boys are way excited and have lots planned for the summer.  So can you think of anything else that you may need?  How was Chili's?

Elder Parkinson:  Oh, Chili's was so good.  The sunglasses that I got were on sale for a way good deal.  I'll send a picture of them.  Could you send some more bread and also send some for Thacker too?  I am so happy that school is out for the boys.  Those are good times.  We are getting ready to leave, so I will talk to you next week.  I love you so much and I am doing great.  Love you.

Mom:  I love you too!