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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little High School Football

The emailing worked great this week and it was so good to hear that Elder Parkinson is still loving his time in the service of our God.  Transfers are next week, so Jordan wanted to make sure I tell everyone to send letters to the mission home instead of his apartment address for the next couple of weeks.  Letters are very precious to him and he wants to make sure he doesn't lose a single one.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  Everything here in Van Nuys is great!  Transfers are next Monday and the library is going to be closed that day, so I won't be able to tell you where I end up until Tuesday.  I think I am going to be leaving Van Nuys though.  Mart is still doing great.  She is a wonderful lady.  It is starting to cool down a little bit out here and I am happy about that because I already don't like wearing a shirt and tie and then when you throw in heat to that it is even worse, haha.  That is crazy that you sold the house.  I hope that you can get the new house built fast so that you don't have to be in a rental for very long.  This week was alright.  I got a little sick on Friday night and Saturday, but I still worked hard.  We played basketball again today and I can still get up and throw it down, haha.  I haven't gained anymore weight.  I am staying at 245 for now.  I did get your package and will you tell people to just send letters to the mission office so they don't get lost while I am in transition?  I love you so much!

Mom:  I am so excited to find out what happens with transfers.  That will be my birthday present.(Jordan asked what he could send me for my birthday next week.)  I'm sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well.  Was it an upset stomach?  I will make sure to let everyone know to send things to the mission office for the next couple of weeks.  Are you still doing well?  Anything you need?  Will you get to take your bike with you if you transfer?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, okay that will be your present.  So when I was sick, it was just everything.  I didn't feel good at all, but oh well.  Yes, I will take my bike with me if I go.  I am doing great and I don't need anything right now because I might get transferred and that is just more to pack, haha.  I am so happy out here and I have made so many amazing friends out here already.  I did have the chance to watch some high school football on Friday night though.  Elder Thacker and I had to go buy some potatoes and on the way back we stopped and watched a little bit of the game.

Mom:  Are you feeling better now?  I am so glad that you got to watch a little football.  Did it make you miss it?  I think those friends that you make on your mission will be your friends for life!  I am so happy that you are surrounded by amazing people :)  I forgot to tell you that BHS beat Mountain View on Friday and they play Logan this week.

Elder Parkinson:  Watching the game did make me miss it a little, but I am okay.  Yes, they are going to be my friends forever.  They are such good guys.  I feel a lot better now, so I think the sickness is gone.  That is great about BHS.  I hope that they keep on winning.  Also, tell Rylito to write me!  Oh, and will you tell the Seljaas' thanks?

Mom:  Did Rylito not write you yet?  I told him to and he said that he would for sure.  Any fun plans for the rest of your p-day?  How are you liking the new mission president?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, no, he hasn't written me yet but it's okay.  The mission president is a real cool guy and I love him.  He is very spiritual.  I don't really have anything fun planned, but we do have 2 appointments scheduled for tonight.  I think that we are about to leave, so I love you so much and hope that I can let you know where I am going as soon as possible.  Well, love you and I hope that you have the best week ever.

Mom:  Mi hijo, I love you more than you will ever know.

Elder Gomm. Another One of Those "Friends for Life"

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