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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hot in Cali

Next week is a big transfer week in the San Fernando mission because it will determine if Elder Parkinson will finish his mission in the San Fernando or the Bakersfield mission.  The San Fernando mission is being split on July 1 and all of the elders who are currently serving in the desert areas will become a part of the new Bakersfield mission.  If Jordan stays in the same area where he is at now, he will be a part of the Bakersfield mission.  This would mean 3 different mission presidents in 2 years.  Elder Parkinson is excited to serve no matter where and I know he will continue to be a blessing to all those whom he comes in contact with.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  This week was a hot one.  It was 110 all week long, but it was fun.  The baptism is still good for next Sunday, so I am very happy about that.  We go to the temple tomorrow, so that will be good.  That is fun that Bountiful High won the Utah State team camp and that Austin got to play a lot.  I also think it's funny that he is now old enough to hang out on the boulevard.  I never did really like the vard that much.  I would have rather been playing ps3 or hanging out at home with my friends.  I am glad that Cooper liked the birthday card that I sent, I thought he would.  It took me forever to find a good one for him.  I am happy that Austin and Cooper are staying busy because that means they won't have time to get in trouble.  I am glad to hear that the house is getting closer to getting started and that all is well.  I hope to hear from you soon.  I love you.

Mom:  I am so excited to hear that the baptism is still on for this Sunday.  Are you the one who is going to baptize?  How far is the temple from where you are at?  Do you spend most of the day there?  Make sure to take some pictures.  Speaking of pics, we still haven't gotten any of the ones from when you went sand railing.  

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, um my comp will baptize because he kind of really wanted to have that experience.  The temple is about 2 hours away.  We will get back around 4 and then have dinner and stuff like that.  I will make sure to take some pictures for you.  I was not able to take pics sand railing because I was scared that I would lose my camera.  

Mom:  Well that's nice of you to let your companion do the baptizing.  How are you dealing with the heat?

Elder Parkinson:  It isn't too bad.  I just go and work and get over the heat.  Yeah, my comp really wanted the experience so I will let him do it.

Mom:  So what are your plans for today?  Are you staying hydrated?

Elder Parkinson:  Today I am going to get a hair cut and then I don't know what we are going to do.  I am staying plenty hydrated, haha.  What are Austin and Cooper doing right now?

Mom:  Where do you go to get a haircut?  Austin and Cooper are at the BHS basketball camp right now.  Do you miss that at all?

Elder Parkinson:  A member will give me my hair cut, so that will be good.  That is good to hear that they are at that camp.  Yes, I do miss it.  My favorite country song is "Your Going To Miss This" by Trace Adkins.  It's a great song.  Is dad working?

Mom:  Yes, dad is working hard as usual.  I LOVE that song because it is so true that we need to take advantage of every single day.  I try to tell Austin and Cooper to enjoy their time now because it will all be over way too soon and then they will be faced with the real world.  Are you needing anything?  Did you find out if that Elder got his shoes and ties? 

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, I love that man.  He works so hard.  Tell the boys to enjoy it because before they know it, it will be over.  Yes, he did get the shoes and ties and he loves them.  I could probably use some new contacts and maybe you could send a snack package?  I hope that all is well.  What do you have planned for today?

Mom:  What kind of snacks are you thinking of?  Yes, your dad is a great man and a good example for you boys.  I am just bringing lunch to the boys at camp right now and then I have to do some grocery shopping and laundry.  It is dad and my anniversary today, so I think we are going to dinner tonight.

Elder Parkinson:  Whatever you would like to send me would be great.  That sounds like a great day that you have planned.  I hope that you enjoy your dinner with dad.

Mom:  Okay, I will try to pick out some good treats.  

Elder Parkinson:  Where do you think you will go to dinner at?

Mom:  I'm not sure where we will go.  You know me, I am an easy person.  I would be happy with a cheeseburger and a Coke ;)  Do you have transfers next week?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, that is true.  You better be ready for McDonald's, haha.  Yes, next Tuesday are transfers but we find out this Saturday if we are leaving or not.

Mom:  Haha, maybe we could go a step up and do Five Guys ;)  What are you hoping happens with transfers?

Elder Parkinson:  I think that would be pushing it, haha, that is way too classy!  I am kind of hoping that I get to go back to just Spanish work with these next transfers.

Mom:  This transfer determines which mission you finish in, right?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes.  I would like to be in the Bakersfield mission because that is where all of my friends are at.  I hope that you have a great dinner with dad.

Mom:  Well, I hope that you get your wish and end up in the Bakersfield mission.  You will be amazing wherever you are at though.  I am excited to hear what happens next week!!!

Elder Parkinson:  Me too.  Well, I have to get going, so I hope that everything goes well.  Talk to you next week.  I love you so much!

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