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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting Ready To Pack Up

I was a little worried about how today's email would go since I was substitute teaching.  I had already talked with the teacher about it, and she had given me permission to have the students silent read while I emailed with my missionary.  I was expecting his email around the usual time of 10:30-11:00 and it never came.  Finally, at 12:01 my email alert went off on my phone and it was JP.  I had told him that I would be substituting and I think he planned it out to email around lunchtime, knowing the kids would be at recess.  What a great boy.  He seems to be doing well and I can tell he's getting excited to get to Cali.

This e-mail came at 5:36 am this morning.  Jordan had sent us a letter last week telling us he was leaving on Tuesday, March 20 with an 8:30 flight and a layover in Denver.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey, I will be on later today but I would just like you to know that my travel plans got switched.  I now leave on Wednesday the 21.  I am supposed to meet to leave around 8, but I think I won't leave until around 8:30.  Then it's that drive to the Salt Lake City airport.  Um, then I will go through security and all that so I think I will call around 10 or 10:30.  My flight leaves at 11:18 and it is a direct flight into Cali.  I will talk to you later today.

The email that came at 12:01

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, I'm on now.  How is subbing?

Mom:  Hi cutie.  Subbing is okay.  I am not used to subbing for an entire week.  How is your week going?

Elder Parkinson:  It has been great!  I can't believe that it is Thursday already.

Mom:  I can't believe that this is your last Thursday at the MTC!  Does it look like you will be able to fit everything?  Is that box that I sent going to work?

Elder Parkinson:  I haven't started to pack yet, but yeah that box works fine.  So do you know how mail will work in the field?

Mom:  I think dad is still going to hand write you a letter every week and so are Austin and Cooper.  I can either email you or write you a letter, whichever you would prefer.  You will have to find a nearby post office so that you can send your letters to us.  I think I am going to send you another sim card so that we have 3 in the rotation and then you will never be without one.  You probably only need to send your sim card home every couple of weeks.  I do know that you can attach pictures to your email though.  Right now, I just have the address of the mission home, so you will have to let us know what your apartment address is when you get it.

Elder Parkinson:  Ok.  So I think if people send stuff to the MTC it will get forwarded to the mission home.

Mom:  I would think so.  I have told everyone not to send anything after this weekend, so hopefully everything will get to you.  Any exciting news this week?

Elder Parkinson:  Not really, hahaha, just that I got my travel plans switched.  Other than that, no.  How about back home?

Mom:  Who else in your district is traveling with you on Wednesday?  Is there anything that you need sent before you leave?
Things are good here.  It has been warm this week, so Cooper is practicing baseball outside.  They are supposed to have a scrimmage game this Saturday.  Austin is still going to therapy and shooting a lot.  He gets his braces off on Monday.  Dad is staying busy and even hit some golf balls yesterday.  I am just subbing this week and trying to keep track of everything :)

Elder Parkinson:  The people going on Wednesday are:  me, my companion, Elder Davis, Elder McPhee, Elder Lisonbee, Elder Flake and then some other people that we don't now at all.  It's good to hear everyone is doing well.

Mom:  So what did you do with the March Madness brackets that I sent?

Elder Parkinson:  I passed them out and I will be sending mine home with all of the stuff so you guys can grade it, hahah.  I think the family should read the parable of the Good Samaritan this week.  I read it this week and it got my mind going.  I think I am that person who just walks past people.

Mom:  We will definitely read it.  I don't see you as the person who walks past people.  You are usually the one who is giving the clothes off your back, your extra money and anything else you can think of to others :)

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, but I can always improve.  Um, well I think that I am going to start to pack things up.  I love you so much!  I won't be able to email until not next Monday, but the next.  So, love u so much and keep being a great mother.

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