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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Temple Is Great

Nothing too exciting from Elder Parkinson this week except that he is getting anxious to leave the MTC and head out to California.  He was very curious about the weather in San Fernando and I can tell he's been thinking of how and what he is going to pack.  I know he is doing well and loving this experience.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, I just got done with the temple.  It was great.  I loved it!

Mom:  Hey cutie!!!  I am so glad to hear that you loved the temple.  I went yesterday and it was great.  How are things going this week?

Elder Parkinson:  They are going great.  I did sealings today in the temple.

Mom:  Awesome!  Was that your first time doing sealings there?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes.  It was so cool.  I can't believe that I might be in there for myself in a few years.

Mom:  I know!  It will be one the best experiences of your life :)

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, but that isn't important right now.  Um, have you gotten the letters from everyone?

Mom:  I got a letter from Elder Hudson and two from Elder Davis.  They absolutely made my day!  I started to cry when I read them because they said how lucky they are to have you as a companion and in their district.  They said that you have the biggest heart of anyone they have ever met.  I also didn't realize that some of the elders call you "dad" :)     Did everyone like their ties and treats?

Elder Parkinson:  Hahaha yeah people loved their ties and treats.  Yeah, I adopted a few more kids here at the MTC, haha.  Have you got my travel plans?

Mom:  I haven't gotten your travel plans and from what I hear, I won't get them, only you will.  So you need to let me know when you find out.  Has anyone else gotten theirs?

Elder Parkinson:  No, I think that we all get them today but I'm not sure.  I can't believe that I am so close to leaving.

Mom:  I know.  I am so excited for you!!  Can you believe it has already been almost 8 weeks?

Elder Parkinson:  No, haha it is flying by.  I can't believe it.  Um, so how is life back home?

Mom:  Things are good.  Cooper just started track and his coach told him that if he gets his form down for the high jump, he could break the 7th grade record.  Austin is still doing therapy and started speed and agility.  We still don't know when he will be released to play again.  He shoots everyday though.  Dad is working hard and has been really busy.  He is also happy with the basketball team because they have been playing well.  I am just doing the usual :)    
Kyle Palowski got his call to New York, New York spanish speaking.  Jbell got his departure date moved up to May.  Did you see Matt Clay yesterday?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, I am so happy to hear that everything is good back home.  No, I haven't seen Matt yet.  I hope I do.  Um, tell Jbell hi for me and the new district that just came in is going to New York, New York.  Do you know when Kyle comes in?

Mom:  I'm not sure when he enters the MTC.  I will try to find out.  Is there anything else that you or anyone else needs?  I love you soooo much and am so happy that you are doing great and loving your experience :)

Elder Parkinson:  No, I don't think so.  Just the week that I leave, tell people to send hand written letters because they won't deliver dearelders.

Mom:  Okay, I will do that for sure.  Any cool experiences you want to share?

Elder Parkinson:  No, not this week :(      Will you look up the weather for San Fernando for me and then send me a big box already labeled to go home, so that I can send stuff that I don't need?

Mom:  It is 62 degrees currently.  How big of a box do you need?

Elder Parkinson:  Idk, not too big.  I think I am going to send home all of the letters that I have gotten so they don't get lost.  Then, will you put them somewhere that I can get them when I get home?

Mom:  Yes, perfect!  So do you need to send home anything fairly big?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, I might send home one pair of sweats and some books that I got in class.  What is the 10 day forecast for San Fernando?

Mom:  Okay :)   The ten day forecast is sunny and highs in the upper 60's to low 70's.

Elder Parkinson:  Thanks.  Um, well I'm going to leave you with 2 scriptures that I liked this week.  It is D&C 100 and D&C 76 verses 1-10.  I love you so much.  Until next week.

Jordan actually sent a picture of D&C 100:1 earlier in the week

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