1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaching 20 Lessons A Week

Jordan emailed yesterday on his P-day.  Our family was up in Sun Valley, visiting family, so it was a little interesting to see if we would be able to email back and forth.  It all worked out and we are happy to hear that Elder Parkinson is loving everything about his mission so far.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey I'm on now if you get this.

Mom:  Yes, I am.  I am heading into grandma's office and will be able to email with you in about 5 minutes.............Okay, I'm here.  How are you today?  How was your week?

Elder Parkinson:  I am great, haha.  My week flew by and General Conference was so good.

Mom:  Where do you email from?  I also loved General Conference.  It was so inspiring and so many great talks.

Elder Parkinson:  I email from the library.  This week in my letter home you guys are in for a real treat.

Mom:  Wow, now I am even more excited to get your letter home :)  Is there anything that you are needing?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, that sd card that you sent to me doesn't work.

Mom:  Okay, I can either send you a new one or you can go and buy one yourself.  Did you get my email with all of my questions?

Elder  Parkinson:  Will you send me a new one please?  My area is great and so is the food.  Yes, I cook breakfast every morning.  We teach a lot in spanish and that is all I can remember from your questions.

Mom:  What do you cook for breakfast?  Do you get fed a lot?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, I do get fed all the time and I cook eggs and what else....um potatoes, bacon and sausage.

Mom:  Sounds good.  What do you do on your P days?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, in the morning we play sports, then we email, then shop, then do laundry, then whatever else there is to do.

Mom:  So what about your companion?  What are his interests?  How long has he been out?

Elder Parkinson:  He loves four wheeling and jeeps.  We get along pretty well and he has been out for 9 months.  He is a great guy.

Mom:  Oh good!  Did you get your dad's letter and the other package?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, I did.  I loved both of them.  My comp is like dang people love you haha.  I also got another bday package from Hannah.  We already have 4 baptismal dates set and we teach like 20 lessons a week.

Mom:  I am so excited that you are teaching 20 lessons a week.  That is so amazing!!!!  How is the bike?  Do you ride a lot?  Is the traffic scary?  We love you sosososososo much and are so proud of what you are accomplishing and the blessings you are bringing to others.  Let me know is there is anything that you need besides the sim card.  Also, are there any questions you had for me?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, the bike is great and the traffic is not too bad.  Um yeah, we ride a lot.  I love you too.  I don't really have much else besides how is life back home?  Is there any big news with Bountiful or anything?

Mom:  Not really any big news.  We are getting the driveway redone.  The spring conditioning for basketball starts next week.  We are heading to Vegas this weekend for a basketball tournament that Austin is going to play in.  He is excited to be back.  Cooper is staying busy with track and baseball.  Also, DJ got called to serve in Las Vegas, Nevada and leaves August 8.

Elder Parkinson:  Oh good.  Well my time is about up, but tell everyone back home that I love them and I love you so much.  Um, I love Monday's.  I can't wait for u to see what is in my letter.  Well, I have to go.  Love you so much.

This email came through about 2 hours later......

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, I have a story for u also.  So we were at Del Taco one day and this guy started talking to us and he asked us the question "Do u Mormons wear special underwear" haha.  It was just so funny.  Then there were these homeless guys that just loved talking to us and just kept telling us that we were wrong.  Then we have only had one person who has been rude to us when we were tracting.  It has been great.

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