1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, April 30, 2012

Transfer Day and I'm Staying Put

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, I'm on.  Yes, I got the cd's and the cd player, thank you so much.  I found out that we cannot Skype on Mother's Day, but oh well.  Transfers are today and I am staying right where I am.  No other big news, haha.  So how are things?

Mom:  Things are good.  Did you get a new companion?

Elder Parkinson:  No, still with the same companion, Elder Calder, and I am happy about that because he is so cool.  Um, yeah, I hope that u could send another video and hopefully this one will work.

Mom:  Oh good :)  Yes, we will definitely try another video.  How was the baptism yesterday?

Elder Parkinson:  It was the coolest experience of my life.  The spirit was so strong.  The kid is such a stud.  I love him so much and hope the best for him.  I am doing the confirmation next week.

Mom:  That is amazing.  What a wonderful experience.  How old is the boy?  When is your next baptism set for?

Elder Parkinson:  He is 9 years old, but acts like he is 15.  Out next baptisms are next week.  I love it out here.  Life is great!  Also, we didn't play soccer this morning, haha.

Mom:  What sport did you play this morning then?  I loved all the soda you got at Walmart :)

Elder Parkinson:  Um, hahaha, we didn't play anything this morning because one of the kids in our district is leaving this morning, so we helped him pack.  I think we will play soccer in a little bit.  Um, yeah I love my good old Coke Zero, haha.  The Mountain Dew is my companion's.  I forgot to tell you that I can't believe that Rich is on a bike!  Well, I am so good and I love it here in Cali.  I love every second.  Um, I have one question, can u ask Hannah if she got my letter because I haven't heard from her in a while.  I hope that that letter I wrote helped Austin.  He wrote me something that really hit me in one of his letters to me.  He said that I hope that the people can see that this church is made out of people like you.  That hit me deep.  Tell those two (Austin and Cooper) that I love them so much and can't wait to talk to them in 2 weeks.  Um, I am so happy that I am out here and know that you guys are being blessed from this so much.  I am also getting blessed as well.  The language is coming along.  I know that the gift of tongues is real and that the Lord loves me so much.  I hope u get his and can reply.

Mom:  I think your mission is definitely helping your brothers and blessing our entire family.  It is such a great example for them to see that you are willing to give 2 years of your life to the Lord.  I will touch base with Hannah about the letter.  So where did you get that hat that you showed us on the video?  Also, what is your favorite thing that you have eaten?  Is there anything else that you can think you need?  Do you know yet what time you will get to call on Mother's Day?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, when we were moving the other elders, the hat was in their apartment so I claimed it, haha.  The food question is really hard.  Everything is so good.  I don't know what my favorite is.  Um, with calling on Mother's Day, I don't know the time but my comp is calling first and then I will call.  He said I can talk for as long as I want.  The only thing I can think that I would like are just some more cds if you find any.  I miss country!  Oh, and you never answered my question about the motorcycle.

Mom:  Ah, the dreaded motorcycle question :)  You know that those things make me nervous!  We will have to have that discussion when you get home :)  How did your interview with President Martin go?

Elder Parkinson:  Okay, sounds good, haha.  My interview was great.  We just talk.

Mom:  So you said your next baptisms are next Sunday?  Are you doing them?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, they are next Sunday and I have no idea who will be doing them.  I will know tomorrow.  So I guess I loved country a lot more than I thought I did, haha.  I am about to leave so I love you and love all that you have done for me and all the many hard things that u had to go through.  Um, I am doing great and if you see a transaction on my debit card it's because I'm going to buy Alex, the boy who we just baptized, a little something.  That is why I love the people out here.  Keep strong and I would like more pics and that video of you guys.  Love you.

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