1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Kind Heart

This week I found out that Elder Parkinson had made a decision to help someone in his area in a monetary way.  I was very nervous about the whole situation, but also had mixed feelings at the same time.  Mission rules specifically tell these young men to never give people money.  They do this for their own protection.  My sweet boy had too big of a heart to say no this time and he ended up getting taken advantage of.  It was a good lesson for him to see that this is why there are mission rules.  I think everything will be okay and hopefully Jordan will not be soured to helping other people again.

Elder Parkinson:  Hi mom.  Um, yes I learned my lesson and I am positive that it happened for a reason because my faith and my testimony grew from it.  I also witnessed first-hand how much the Lord loves us.  Basically what happened is that there was this man who looked successful and told us that he had a break down in his car so we went and helped him out.  Usually I just say no when people ask for money, but I got a feeling to help this one time.  I hope that you and dad aren't mad about it, but I am going to talk to the mission president about it also.  You don't have to worry about anything because I know that God is with us and that he loves us.  Other than that, this week was good.  I am happy and I am just loving the work.  The ward is doing great and I love everyone here.  We are not in a group of 3 anymore, it's just Elder Gomm and I.  I hope that Austin works hard in what he does because he is so talented.  I am also glad to hear that Coop did well at the Westminster camp and that Llama and Austin made the high school football team.  I hope this season goes well for them with Coach Rose being gone.  Boog is a good guy and I like that man.  Well, everything is great here and I love the work.

Mom:  Of course we are not mad at you cutie.  I am proud to have a son who will follow the spirit and not judge others.  Just talk about it with your mission president and it will be fine.  Also remember that there are rules for a reason.  I am so impressed with your wonderful spirit and couldn't be happier knowing you are where you are at.  How did everything else go this week?  Any new news?  How is Elder Gomm?  Anything that you need?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, this week was ok.  The work was a little slow, but it is picking up.  Elder Gomm and I are doing great and I love serving the Lord and seeing the blessings it brings.  I love my companion, my district and all of that.  They are always here for me and they are always there to pick me up and back me up.  Also, I love the Lord.  Yes, he will put us through trials and test our faith, but it always turns out to be a blessing.  It is so amazing.

Mom:  Yes, the Lord and this Gospel are amazing.  Keep working hard and sharing this wonderful blessing.  We love you soooooo much and are always here for you.

Elder Parkinson:  Well, I am about to leave.  I love you so much and I hope that this week is a better week.  Um, I hope that all is well back home and could you maybe send some canned chicken?

These are just a few of the Elders that Jordan loves.  They even build forts together :)

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