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Monday, July 16, 2012

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Van Nuys, California - As Seen Through The Lens Of Elder Parkinson

This week our family will be traveling to Anaheim, California for a basketball tournament.  This will make us only about 45 minutes away from Elder Parkinson.  It is such a struggle for me to know that I am going to be so close to him, yet I won't be able to have any contact with him.  I know that it is for the better and he probably doesn't want to see us anyway, but I do wish I could just spy on him from afar :)  In the email this week, he was very excited that one of his high school basketball coaches, who will also be at the tournament, is going to get to see him and take him to lunch.  I guess I will just have to send some extra special goodies and a hug to be delivered by Coach G.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom, haha, no I didn't have time last week to send a letter and a sim card home but I will try to do better this week.  I did get the Lake Powell shirt though and I love it!  Tell Dad thanks for tye dying it for me.  I am doing great.  We don't have any new dates set, but we did get some member referrals this week and that was cool.  Um, about the transfers next week, I hope that I get to stay for another transfer.  There is nothing else that I really need except for maybe a little more cash, but I am just going to go to the ATM and pull some out so don't worry about that.  I really miss good ole football conditioning.  That was a great time in my life.  Tell Austin that he better keep the legacy of JP up, haha.  What more....I am doing very well and I did get the post card that you sent from Powell.  It has been up on my wall since the minute that I got it.  So, about you guys coming to Cali, hahaha, that is going to be a little hard.  Is Coach G still planning on taking me out to lunch?  I love you so much!

Mom:  Hi cutie.  I'm not sure if coach is going to take you to lunch or not.  I will ask him if he has time.  Do you think it's okay for him to do that.  It won't distract from your mission or break any rules will it?  How is the lady that you baptized doing?  Have you spoken in church yet or born your testimony?

Elder Parkinson:  I think it would be just fine if coach took me and my comp for just like an hour.  We get an hour lunch break everyday, so it would work great.  The lady that I baptized is doing great.  I have born my testimony, but haven't spoken yet.  I love this mission and I love everyone around me.  I hope all is well back home and um como esta su espanol?

Mom:  Mi espaƱol es bien :)  I will check with Coach G and see what his schedule is like.  What is the best way for him to get in touch with you?  How is your spanish coming?  Are you speaking fluently?

Elder Parkinson:  The best way for Coach G to contact me is through our mission cell phone.  I am excited to see him.  I know a lot of spanish words, but I still have the gringo accent, hahaha.  Well, I am about to leave.  I love you SO much and can't wait to email next week.  I love you!!!

Mom:  I love you too Elder Parkinson!

Since Jordan Forgot His Camera, This Is The Best Photo We Have Of His First Baptism

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