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Monday, September 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye to 506 S 1200 E

A lot has been going on while Jordan has been away on his mission.  We bought a lot just around the corner from where we are living now and are going to build a home.  In the meantime, our current house sold way quicker than we expected, so we are having to move into a rental for at least the next year.  We are moving this week.  It is a little sad that Elder Parkinson didn't get to have an official goodbye with this house, but good memories will be awaiting him when he returns.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey, that is sad to hear about the house.  I am going to miss that house, but I guess it is time for a change.  Yes, I still love my new area.  We have fun, but work hard too.  We had to drop our baptism dates for September 30 because they didn't come to church, but it's okay.  That is good to hear that Austin and Cooper are doing well.  I am so happy to hear from you every week.

Mom:  How did your week go?  Are you still knocking doors like crazy?

Elder Parkinson:  The week went great and yes, that is all we do is knock doors.

Mom:  So how is the weather is Palmdale?  Do you ride your bike everywhere?

Elder Parkinson:  The weather is getting better and yes we ride about 20 miles a day.  I am getting bigger legs than before, but I hope that I can stay fast for football.

Mom:  Big legs are always good for football players and I'm sure you'll stay fast.  I forgot to tell you that Coach Campbell said to tell you hi from the team.  How are things with your companion?  Do you get to see your mission president very often.

Elder Parkinson:  That is good to hear from coach, haha.  Um, things with my comp are great.  We get along very well.  I don't see my mission president ever.  So how is the rental house?

Mom:  I am so happy that you and your companion get along.  We haven't officially moved into the rental house yet, that will take place on Thursday.  It should be okay though.  I will take a picture of it and send it to you.  It is up by Dylan Salazar's.  It is weird to leave this house, but it will be exciting to build.  Do you have any other requests for the new house besides a drinking fountain :)

Elder Parkinson:  Um, I woud like a nice big bath and shower in my bathroom with speakers wired in.  Well, other missionaries are waiting to email so I love you so much and hope all is well.

Mom:  I love you too cutie!  Have a wonderful week!

The New Digs in Palmdale

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