1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, November 26, 2012

Senior Companion

Elder Parkinson's emails sounded great today.  I think he is very excited to get a new companion and get to work.  Watch out Palmdale!!!  I am so blessed that he is such a hardworking, obedient young man.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  Thanksgiving was good.  We did play a Turkey Bowl (football game) and I did get the pumpkin pie you sent.  It was so good.  We had turkey and ham at a member's house and it was really good.  Yes, it is transfer day here.  Nothing big is changing.  I mean my comp is going home, but I am not training this time because we didn't get any new spanish speaking elders.  I am glad that you had a great Thanksgiving and I am so glad to hear about Austin and Cooper and how good they are doing.  I love you and I hope you get this email quick.

Mom:  I am glad to hear that your Thanksgiving was good.  Who is your new companion?  Where is he from?  How long has he been out?

Elder Parkinson:  I won't get my new comp until tomorrow, but I am going to be senior comp.  President said I am going to have to work hard.

Mom:  So who are you with today?  Why did he say that you are going to have to work hard?  Are you at the same address?  Do you have any fun plans for today?  Is there anything that you are needing?  I love you SO much!!!

Elder Parkinson:  I am with the zone leaders today.  President said that because he said that I am one of the best missionaries so he is going to give me someone who needs a little help.  Um, yes, we are still at the same address.  We are going to play football again today, so that will be fun.  I don't think I need anything, I am good.

Mom:  You make me such a proud mama :)  Thank you for always working hard, putting your best foot forward and following the Savior's example.  You are going to get a package either today or tomorrow for the 25 days of Christmas.  Try to let me know that is has arrived safely when you write your letter home and take lots of pics.  How many elders play football with you?  Are you still working out?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, like 16 elders play and yes I still do work out, haha.  So how is the house looking?

Mom:  The house progress has slowed a little.  Our builder came back to us with a very high bid, so we are going to be getting some other bids to compare.  I'm hoping it will all work out for the best.  That is a lot of elders to play football with.  Are they all in Palmdale?  Are they all spanish speaking?  How is the work going?  Any new leads?  Are you still enjoying the ward?

Elder Parkinson:  I'm sorry to hear that about the builder.  Yes, all the elders are in Palmdale that we play football with, but no they are english and spanish speaking.  The work is going to explode this week!!!!  I sill love the ward.  How is Double B doing?

Mom:  With you in charge, of course it's going to explode :)  Double B is doing great.  He asks about you all the time and says what a wonderful young man you are.  He just got a new counselor because Brother Jensen is moving.  Dan Lilinquist was made the second counselor yesterday.

Elder Parkinson:  That is great.  Tell Double B to send me a letter, haha.  Well, I am going to go play some ball.  I love you so much.

Mom:  I love you too!!! Have a great week.

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