1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Giving Heart

Elder Parkinson is still LOVING his mission and being companion's with a good friend.  They are working well together and enjoying every day.  Jordan has such a kind and giving heart and we know he is where he is supposed to be right now.  We have been missing him this Christmas season, but we know that there is no better gift that he can be sharing.

Elder Parkinson:  The week was good.  I do have a cool story for you.  We were knocking on Saturday and I invited this guy to come to church the next morning and he came.  He is so legit.  I loved the Christmas book that you sent out.  It was good to hear your recorded voices and I promise that I won't open my gifts until Christmas.  That is good to hear that the house is still moving along.  It will be exciting for you to see the old houses get knocked down.  I was so sad to hear about what happened in Connecticut and all of the deaths.  I was so mad.  Why would a man do that?  I always keep Austin in my prayers and I hope his shoulder gets feeling better and is okay.  I am doing so great!  Um, I want to get Elder ........   some Oakley's for Christmas and Elder .........  some new basketball shoes.  So how could we do that?

Mom:  That is an awesome story!!!  You were definitely being led by the spirit to that door.  As far as the presents go, do you have time to go shopping for those items or do you need me to do it?  If you have time, I could put some $ in your account, but if not I would just need to know what to buy.  Have you found out anything about your Christmas phone call?  Do you think this new mission president will let you Skype?  I was just wondering what time you think it would be.

Elder Parkinson:  Um, for the sunglasses could you get them?  He would like a teal/turquoise color.  For the shoes, I think I will go today to get them.  For the phone call I will call in the morning to set everything up on Christmas Day.

Mom:  So do the sunglasses need to be Oakley's?  I will probably order them online and have them shipped to your address.  So you are going to call on Christmas morning to let us know about the phone call?  Will you still have P-day next Monday?  Are you going anywhere for Christmas?

Elder Parkinson:  Um, I think Oakley's would be the best and ordering them to be shipped here would be perfect.  Yes, I will call you Christmas morning to set things up.  We will still have P-day next Monday and for Christmas we are going to members houses all day just to say hi and celebrate.

Mom:  That sounds great!  Is there anything you are still needing?  Are your shoes and clothes still holding up?  Did you ever get the package from Hannah with the peanut brittle and treats?  What are your plans for today?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, my pants are kind of falling apart, but other than that everything is going well.  Yes, I did get the package from Hannah.  Has she gotten my letter back?  We are going to go do some Christmas shopping today, so will you put a little money in my account?  I love you and I am going to play ball now so I will talk to you next week.  I love you so much.

Mom:  I love you too!

I also got this bonus email and photo today from Elder Flake, Jordan's companion.  It is so comforting to know that they are enjoying each other and working well together.

Dear Parkinson Family,

This is Elder Flake!!!!!!!!!!!  I just want to tell you how great your son is and how awesome we are doing.  I also want to say Thank You for everything you have done for me!

-Elder Flake

Elder Parkinson and Elder Flake dressed in their Bountiful High basketball gear with their money shirts from their 25 Days of Christmas.

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