1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, April 15, 2013

15 months!!!

Elder Parkinson just keeps plugging away in the deserts of California.  He is always so upbeat and positive about everything.  We are so excited that he has reached his 15 month mark and we are now able to count the months until his return in single digits!

Elder Parkinson:  Well, the week was a little hard because the boy was not able to come to church, so we had to take away his date.  It is sad but we are still working with him as hard as we can to try to get him to church.  The problem is that his parents are fine with him being baptized, but they still want him to go to their church also, so it makes it hard for him to get to our church.  Man, I was hoping that Indiana would win the NCAA basketball tournament this year, but oh well.  I can't wait to watch next years, haha.  So now that Austin and Cooper are working out hard they now know why I was always so tired and sore.  I wish I was there to make fun of them like they used to make fun of me, haha.  Tell them that it will help them a lot though.  That is way cool that Cooper is getting over 5 feet on his high jump.  I am excited for some pictures.  I am also glad that he is having fun with baseball.  I loved umpiring.  It was a good way to make some money.  I still laugh at how the coaches told me that I was a good umpire because I think they were just scared of me, haha.  I hope that Austin's team will work together so that they can win their tournament this weekend.  I love those kind of tournaments.  Tell Coach J thanks for helping me with football decisions.  I agree with him completely.  I am happy to hear that Jensen is going on a mission.  It is going to help him so much.  I hope that all is well back home and I will talk with Thacker tomorrow to find out about his homecoming details so you can make sure you are there.

Mom:  That makes me sad for that boy too, but no matter what happens the seed has been planted.  Just trust in the Lord and know that he will guide you.  How is the family that you found doing?

Elder Parkinson:  Oh the family.  We were not able to teach them last week, but we are going to this week.  They are way cool.  I hope that they progress.  So I got an email from Kilpack and I was so happy to hear from him.  When do you think you will break ground on the property?

Mom:  That's exciting!  As far as breaking ground goes, we hope that it will happen before the end of the month.  They are working on burying the power lines now.  The weather has been a little crazy though, so that doesn't help.  In fact, it is snowing right now!  Did you ever get your bread?  Was it still good or was it stale?  I am also supposed to ask if you'll write something for the next friend's newsletter?  I just need it by next week.

Elder Parkinson:  That is crazy that it's snowing!  I hope that you are able to break ground soon.  I did the bread and it is great.  I love it.  I will write a little note for the friend's newsletter soon.  Um, I was thinking that I want a nice watch.  What do you think?

Mom:  I think a watch is always a useful thing.  What kind are you thinking?  Do you want it while you are on your mission?  Have you been taking any more pictures?  We would love a new SIM card with some pics of you ;)

Elder Parkinson:  Well, I was thinking of a nice one for dates and special occasions or else a more durable one that is also nice.  I will make sure to send home a SIM card this week.  I have it ready.

Mom:  I think you would probably like one that you feel comfortable wearing most of the time.  If you only wear it now and then you will most likely forget you even have it.  Are you thinking of buying it out there?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, I don't know yet but I just thought I would let you know that I am thinking about it.  So what is new?

Mom:  Well, I will put some money in your account and when you see one that you really like you can decide then if you want to get it.  Nothing is really new except for all the house stuff and basketball and baseball games.  It seems like we are having to travel a lot this year for various tournaments.  Anything new for you?  What are your plans today?  How is the biking?  Are you still working out?

Elder Parkinson:  Thank you!  For today we are going to clean the house.  The bike is going good, haha.  I am also still working out and can't wait to get back and play some ball.  I love it and hope that I will still be able to play when I get home.  I have to get going, so just know I love you so much.

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