1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doing the Work and Finishing Strong

It was so nice to be able to email with Elder Parkinson today, knowing that we were in the same state.  Even though we are a couple of hours away from him and are not going to be in his area, it felt like we were right next door.  We are so proud of him and his amazing attitude toward everything.

Elder Parkinson:  Hello!  Well, this week was great.  We set a date for the 21st of this month and he is way cool.  His name is Saul and he is 17 years old.  He is going into the marines.  He is a way cool kid that we found knocking on doors.  For Easter we just tried to go by people and didn't have too much luck, but oh well.  I can't believe that kids were throwing punches at Austin's basketball tournament.  That is when you want me on your team, haha.  Well, I am a little sad that Duke lost but they made it farther than North Carolina, so that is all I care about, haha.  That is way cool that you are in San Diego.  I hope that you enjoy it there.  I am excited to email with you today.

Mom:  I am so excited that you have found someone who is ready to accept this wonderful gospel.  I am happy for Saul that he will now have this knowledge to take with him into the marines.  Did you get your Easter package?  What are your plans for today?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, I did get the package, that was so nice.  Thank you so much.  I hope that all is great.  For today we are going to go shopping and play ball and then go to dinner and then visit someone who used to have the missionaries over.  Could you tell Kilpack that I can email him now, so I need his email address?

Mom:  Yes, I will talk to Kilpack.  Are you still riding your bike a lot?  Is it getting hot?  Do you have more time to email now that the rules have changed?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, um, well yes we are riding our bikes a lot!  On Friday we had to call it early because we couldn't bend our legs because they were so tense.  It is starting to get hot, but it's okay.  It can't get as bad as that day down at Dixie where they canceled practice because our cleats were melting on the turf!  I do have a little more time to email, but I would still like to keep it a little short so other Elder's can email too.

Mom:  Yes, Dixie was definitely HOT, haha!!!!  Are you doing okay clothing wise?  Do you need any more shirts or anything?  Are you healthy and feeling good?  How is everything with your companion and the language?  You are SO amazing and we love you more than you know!

Elder Parkinson:  When you get back into town, could you send me some more bread?  Other than that, I am doing great.  My comp is doing okay.  He doesn't like Spanish, but he is trying hard.  I am feeling okay, I am just way tired but I guess that is how I am supposed to feel.  I am way healthy, haha.  I hope that you guys know that you are amazing and that I love you and that because of you I have a great example to follow and I know how to finish strong.  I hope that all is well.  Any other questions?

Mom:  Yes, I will for sure send you some bread.  We get back on Thursday, so hopefully I can get it to you by Saturday.  I guess being tired means you are doing exactly what you should.  If you had energy, you would know that you were not giving it your all.  How is your ward?  Do you get fed a lot?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, it is actually a branch, but they are great.  They feed us a ton of food.  Have you had the time to talk to Coach J yet?

Mom:  I am going to give Coach J a call after spring break.  I guess one of the issues with Weber is that if the coach doesn't win this year, he will most likely be replaced.  That makes it a little more difficult to talk to him about next year.  Have you had to speak at all in your branch?

Elder Parkinson:  Okay, that sounds great.  No, I have not had to speak yet, but I have had to translate and that was fun.

Mom:  That is awesome.  I can't wait to hear you speak fluid spanish.  It is crazy that you know enough to translate for people!  Are you liking the Lake LA area?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, it is way small, so it isn't the best for missionary work, but I like it.  I have to get going, so thank you for all you do for me.  I hope you travel home safely.

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