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Monday, April 22, 2013

A New Watch For The Elder

Another Missionary Monday and another great time emailing with Elder Parkinson.  He is doing great in Lake Los Angeles, but does say that the work out in the desert is definitely slower than the work in the valley.  We received a SIM card from him this past week and it was mostly 2 videos that were each about 6 minutes long.  In each of the videos, he speaks mostly Spanish for at least half the time.  We were all looking at each other amazed at how well he knows the language.  God definitely grants these elders the gift of tongues.  He also wanted to know what happened with the bombings in Boston and references that a little in his opening email.  

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  I am glad that you understood some of the spanish on the videos.  So the marine guy that we are teaching is not doing so good.  He invited us over for a BBQ, but then he called us like 5 minutes before and cancelled.  He said they weren't going to have the BBQ anymore and I thought that was a little weird, so I called the Elders who have a truck and asked them if they could drive by and see if his family was having a BBQ.  It turns out they were, so he lied to us.  We have an appointment with him tomorrow so we will see how that goes.  We haven't had the chance to teach the family yet, but we are going to set an appointment with them for this week.  The week was a little slow, but zone conference was way good.  We learned a lot of new stuff.  That is too bad that Austin's team didn't win the championship in their tourney, but at least they made it to the highest division.  Tell him to man up and get over his injuries, haha, just kidding.  I hope that his ankle and finger start feeling better and I will be praying for him.  I bet that Cooper will be able to clear 5'6' in the high jump this year if he really puts his mind to it.  It sounds like he is turning into an athlete man.  That is so sad that people are doing that (the bombings).  I hope that we can all just see that we are sons and daughters of God and that he loves us all the same and that we can just support each other.  I hope that the house gets going soon.  When do you think it is going to be done?  I did get all the things that you sent out to me.  I have slept so good this past week with my new pillow!  Well, I love you and can't wait to hear back from you.

Mom:  That is too bad with the marine guy.  Maybe it is just not quite his time, but don't give up on him.  When does he report to training?  We are thinking that the house will probably be finished next spring.  That means that you get to come home to the rental and see some of the building process.  Did you get any other emails this week?

Elder Parkinson:  Yeah, we think that he is scared to let us talk to his parents, but oh well.  I don't really know when he reports.  That will be cool that I will be able to see the rental house, haha.  I got an email from Hannah and it was good to hear from her.

Mom:  I emailed Elder Thacker's mom this past week and found out when his homecoming is.  She invited me to meet them at the airport when he flies home, but Austin told me that it would be weird if I went.  Is it getting hot there yet?  When are transfers?  What are your plans for today?

Elder Parkinson:  That is good that you got to talk with Thacker's mom.  I don't think that it would be weird to go to the airport, but idk anymore.  Um, it is getting hot here.  I hope that it cools down soon, but I really don't think that is going to happen.  The rattle snake season is coming also.  I am not too happy with our plans for today because I think we are going to stay here and clean the house.

Mom:  Haha, you should be a pro at cleaning the house by now.  Does that mean no basketball?  Are there a lot of rattle snakes there?  Have you seen any?  Are you still eating okay?  Do you need anything for the hotter weather?

Elder Parkinson:  I hope I will be a pro at cleaning, haha.  We will play basketball for a little while here, but not for that long though.  There are a lot of rattle snakes out here, but I have not seen one yet.  I think I am good as far as needing anything for now.  Um, I am trying to find a watch still.

Mom:  I hope that you never see a rattle snake :)  I was asking Austin about those watches you were looking at and he said that he thinks the g shocks are big looking.  Where did you see these watches?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, one of the members here has a g shock and was showing me all of them on his iPod.  I found a couple that looked good, but if I am not going to go with a g shock then I would go with a Nixon.

Mom:  I think you just need to go with whatever makes you the happiest.  How are the members there? Are you still getting fed a lot?  I am still amazed at how good your Spanish was after watching the videos.  I also thought it was funny listening to that one elder from Mexico laugh all the time.

Elder Parkinson:  Ok, I will make a choice soon.  Yes, I am getting fed a lot and the members are way cool.  Well thanks for the compliment on my spanish.  So what is new out there in Bountiful?

Mom:  Bountiful is still good ol B-town.  We are getting a dunkin donuts in where the Iceberg used to be.  Hopefully it will last there since everything else that goes in there seems to leave.  It has been a little bit of a colder spring so far this year, but I think it is going to warm up soon.  Coach Wall is in the process of tending to his football field.  I saw a sign on it a few weeks ago that said to keep off the grass.  Other than that, just lots of sports going on.  Are your transfers coming up soon?

Elder Parkinson:  Oh yeah, transfers are in 2 weeks.  I forgot to answer that question earlier, haha.  That is funny about Coach Wall.  I hope that donut place stays because I really do love donuts :)

Mom:  I am so excited that I get to talk to you in 3 Sundays.  Will you be able to Skype again?  I love you to the moon and back.  Thank you for making me such a proud and happy mama.

Elder Parkinson:  So this kid just showed me a watch and I like it.  Could I order it?  I can't believe that the time has come again to call home.  Yes, I think I will be able to Skype.

Mom:  Yay!!! I love Skype!!!  Are you able to order it with your debit card?  Will it get there before transfers?

Elder Parkinson:  Yes, I think so and yes it should get here before transfers.

Mom:  Okay, if it is something you love then I say get it.  Just remember to take care of it because being a missionary is usually a little rough on things.  Also, I don't want it to be something that someone would hurt you over or be judgemental to you because of it.

Elder Parkinson:  No, it will be good.  It is a nice watch, but not too fancy and thank you.  I can't wait to skype and see all of you guys again.

Mom:  I am counting down the days :)

Elder Parkinson:  Okay, I love you so much.  I have to go, but I hope all is well.

About 10 minutes later I got an email confirmation about the watch order.  I guess this was the one he really loved.

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