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Monday, May 6, 2013

Staying To Train

It is transfer time again in the California, San Fernando mission and Elder Parkinson is going to stay in Lake Los Angeles to be a trainer.  He is very excited about this opportunity and is ready to get to work.  I hope his new "son" is ready for him and has a good work ethic.  We are so excited to be able to Skype with Jordan this Sunday for Mother's Day.  What a great day that will be.  This will be our last time that we get to talk with Jordan in person before he comes home in December.  It is exciting to think about that because we know the time is getting closer until we get to hold him in our arms again.

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  So my comp will be leaving to a car area, but it is for the better.  I am staying and I don't know who I am getting yet.  With the car, it is still kind of slow because it was the 5 de mayo weekend and all the Latinos were drunk, haha.  I do like driving though and since I am in the middle of nowhere, I don't have to drive in traffic.  I get to see Thacker today and tomorrow, which is good.  I did get my watch and I love it!  About going to the airport to see Thacker when he gets home, I think you should do whatever you want to do.  I know Thacker wouldn't care because he wants to meet you and Dr. P.  For Mother's Day, we have church until 2 and then we eat at a member's house so it will probably be around 5 here that I call and yes I can skype.  I don't know if anyone here has a Mac to do FaceTime, so I might have to set up a skype account.  Maybe you could do that for me?  I will call in the morning on Sunday to get the info.  I am so happy to hear that Cooper is turning into an athlete and that he is enjoying sports.  Tell Austin to keep pushing through the injuries and he will be fine.  That is crazy that BHS is going to the spread.  I don't believe it!  I have talked with my d end coach ad I think that they are still on board, but I will email today and see if he emails me back.  I love you and I can't wait to hear from you.

Mom:  I was going to ask you how Cinco de Mayo was.  Did any of the members have a party?  I am so glad that you like the watch.  I will for sure set up a skype account and give you that information.  I am SO excited to talk to you!!!  Are you happy that you are staying in the same area?  When do you find out who your new companion will be?

Elder Parkinson:  Haha, no none of the members had a party but the city did and it was huge and people were just drunk everywhere.  I am so excited to talk with you too.  It is going to be so cool.  I will find out tomorrow about who my new comp is and I am happy that I am staying here.  It is going to be way fun.  I hope that all is well and if the members have FaceTime, I will do that because it will be way easy.

Mom:  Sounds like Cinco de Mayo is pretty big there.  We just ate some chips and salsa and called it good ;)  Where do you get to see Thacker at?  Are you going to Lancaster again today?  Do you ride your bike at all anymore?  How is everything going with your investigators?

Elder Parkinson:  Well, chips and salsa sounds like a good day to me, haha.  We are going into Lancaster to play ball.  The investigators are doing good.  They work a lot so it is way hard to find them when they are home, but it is going well.  I am happy to get a new comp.  We ride every once in awhile, but not very often though.

Mom:  I am so glad that you are happy.  I saw Kilpack last week and gave him a hard time for not emailing you, so I hope you got one from him this week.  Have you had any more luck with your marine guy?  Is is starting to get hot there?  Are you needing anything?

Elder Parkinson:  I did not get an email from Kilpack, haha.  No luck with the marine guy, but we are trying to get in contact with him.  It is getting into the 100's, so I would say that is pretty hot.  I think I am good with everything.  Were you able to get ahold of Abbey yet?

Mom:  I am going to have to give Kilpack some grief!  I left a message with her mom, but I haven't heard back.  I will try calling again today.  I think she should be home from college fairly soon.  It seems like all the colleges are finishing up right now.  The Bell's officially moved out of the ward this past week.  JBell's older sister and her husband are the ones who are moving into the house.  David's family also moved into a new rental down by the Bountiful library.  Do you email with Dave?  Does he sound good?  Richard's aunt is going to tell Rich to email you.

Elder Parkinson:  Um yeah, give him some grief for me, haha.  Thank you for trying to contact her.  That is sad that the Bell's moved out.  Well, I do not email with Dave, but I hope that he is doing good. I just got a call from President and I am going to be a trainer!

Mom:  That is so exciting!!!  You are getting a son ;)  How do you feel about that?  Make sure to take some pictures with you and your new companion together.  Also, we haven't gotten any with you and Thacker one last time.

Elder Parkinson:  I am happy and ready to get to work.  I will take some pics today with Thacker and tomorrow with my new comp.  I have to get going.  I love you so much and I will talk to you on Sunday over Skype.

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