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Monday, August 5, 2013

Staying in Lake LA a Little Longer

This week is transfer week in the Bakersfield mission and we were very excited to see what was going to happen with Elder Parkinson.  He has been serving in Lake LA for the past 5 months and is going to stay a little longer.  He loves his area, the people, and his companion very much.  

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  All is well here in Lake LA.  I will be staying here with my kid (his current companion).  The only real change is that Elder C will be leaving and we will be getting 2 new English speaking missionaries, so my companion and I will be going back into solely spanish work which will be fun.  The work is about the same still.  I am so happy that Cooper made the high school football team.  He will do a great job and have a blast!  I miss high school football so much!  It is the best football ever!  I am also glad that you got the boat back on the lake again and I can't wait to get back out on the lake myself next summer.  Thank you for sending that insanity workout program.  It is tough and I think it will definitely get me into shape.  I am so happy to hear that the house is still coming along and I can't wait to see it.  Well, I love you and I'm looking forward to emailing with you.

Mom:  I am so happy for you that you are going back to just Spanish.  Are you glad to be staying in Lake LA?  You have been there for awhile now.  Are you still going to be the district leader?  How many times have you done the insanity workout?  Does your companion do it with you?  Can you finish an entire workout?

Elder Parkinson:  Yeah, I am ready to just get back into spanish work and hit it hard.  I love Lake LA and yes, I am still the district leader.  We did the fit test for the insanity and we finished it.  Now it is starting the 60 day thing.  There is a different workout every day for 60 days.  It is a good workout and everyone does it with me.

Mom:  You are so awesome!  I'm sure everyone in Lake LA loves you too!!!  It sounds like that workout will definitely get you back in shape.  How many elders do it with you?  Do you have any investigators that you are teaching now?

Elder Parkinson:  Yeah, I will get back in shape, haha.  3 other elders do the workout with me.  We don't really have any new investigators right now, we are still just trying to find people to teach.

Mom:  I'm sure you'll be lead to those who are ready.  So what are your plans for today?  Did you ever teach your family home evening?

Elder Parkinson:  For today we are going down to play bball and then we are coming back home and eating and then teaching family home evening.  We did not teach it this last week.  What are your plans for today?

Mom:  Good luck on the family home evening.  I hope you get to teach it this time.  Today I am doing laundry, going to lunch with some friends, registering the boys for school and getting groceries.  I hope you have fun playing ball.  Make sure you show them who's boss ;)

Elder Parkinson:  That sounds like a fun and busy day.  Oh, by the way, we are living at the address that I first had when I was here:

Elder Jordan Parkinson
41056 168th Street East
Lancaster, CA 93535

Mom:  So you moved houses?  I will let everyone know the new address.  If something is sent to the old one will you still get it?

Elder Parkinson:  Thanks so much and yes I will still get the mail if it was sent to the other address.  How is work going for Dr. P?

Mom:  Work is good.  He's staying pretty busy which is a good sign.  Your dad is such a hard worker and does so much for our family.  He has been a great example to you boys.  How is your companion doing?

Elder Parkinson:  My comp is doing great and working hard.  He is always happy which is what I love about him.  I love dad so much and am so grateful for his example.  Well, I am getting off right now to head to Lancaster, so I will try to email later but if not have a great week and know I love you so much.

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