1 Nephi 3:7 "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, October 7, 2013

Finish Stronger Than You Start

I love Missionary Monday's.  It makes my entire week when I see an email come through from Elder Parkinson.  This week we were actually able to email back and forth a little bit which was so nice.  Jordan is still doing great and is such an example to us with his amazing attitude and perspective.  The best news about today was that he got his official release date of December 19!!!  That means we are down to 10 weeks!!!  

Elder Parkinson:  Hey mom.  I'm sorry to hear that the email is not working too well, but hopefully we will get lucky today.  I loved conference so much and how much they talked about families and how important they are.  I liked the idea that you guys went up in the mountains for the Sunday afternoon session.  We will have to do that next conference when I am home.  The week was great.  My comp and I are about the same, but it is all good.  I haven't gotten the cologne that you sent yet, but when did you send it?  I am doing really well and I am thinking about just waiting to get a new suit when I get home because I know I will probably lose some weight.  I will be fine with the ones that I have until then.  So it is official that I will be home on December 19 and Elder Flake will be home a week later.  That is great that Austin and Cooper won their game last week and it is crazy that you had snow on the ground.  I can't wait for snow and to see the lot.  I will try and get some pics to you this week.  So yeah, the work is about the same.  Just working hard and hoping to finish strong.  I want people to remember me as someone who finished stronger than they started.

Mom:  I LOVE your attitude.  You have always been such a hard worker and it shows.  I sent the cologne on Tuesday, but since it is considered flammable, it had to be sent a slower way through the post office.  Hopefully you get it this week.  So do you have your flight plans yet and if so, when does your flight arrive on the 19th?  Are you needing anything?

Elder Parkinson:  I am trying to be hard worker.  It is kind of hard because the last 6 transfers I have been with a new missionary, so I have had to do everything.  I have not received my flight plans yet.  They will come about a month before the 19th of December.  I hope that I get the cologne this week and thank you for sending it.  There is nothing else that I really need except prayers that I can get along with my companion.

Mom:  The reason they put you with the new missionaries is because you do such a good job training them for the rest of their missions.  Just be patient and know that you are with them for a reason.  I will continue to pray for you.  Are you still playing basketball on Monday's?

Elder Parkinson:  It switches up every Monday.  It is either basketball or volleyball or soccer.  I am so glad that the email is finally working out this week.  I really liked the quote that said if you are tempted to give up, stay a little longer.

Mom:  You are definitely not one to give up!  Do you stay in Rancho Vista for Pday?  How is the bike riding going?  Is the weather still pretty warm?  

Elder Parkinson:  We come into Palmdale on Pdays and the bike riding is great!  It is starting to get a little colder now.

Mom:  How far away is Palmdale?  Do you have to take a bus to get there?

Elder Parkinson:  Palmdale is pretty close and we get a ride from some of the other missionaries.  I have to get going now because there are other missionaries waiting to use the computer.  Please know that I love you and I hope that you have a great week.

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  1. They must have worked on the server because the emailing was a lot better for us too. At least I hope they did so that it can stay that way! :) Can't believe Elder P will be home so soon!! He is awesome.